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Kudlian have been producing award-winning software tools for education since 1990. We believe that children should be given the tools needed to explore, engage and learn on whatever platform they choose. As well as producing software for Mac & PC, we now have a range of iOS and Android Apps available, and being used both in the UK and world-wide. Our passion for detail means we offer a customer experience which is second to none.


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*Android devices - Whilst every effort is made to provide compatibility with Android devices, some users might find issues with some devices. If so please contact us.


A fun and exciting way to introduce the first steps in learning about coding with Turbo Logo and Turbo-T.

Meet Turbo -T, your friendly robot fish.

Help Turbo-T navigate through perilous coral reefs, weed beds and around predators to collect starfish.

Available soon through the Google Play Store

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