Need Easy to Use Data Handling software for schools?

(Spreadsheet, Database and Graph drawing)

Then you need DataSweet. DataSweet has been developed specifically to meet the demanding needs of education.

It is a powerful, yet clear and easy to use application, comprising of a graph drawing application, DataPlot, a powerful database, DataFind and DataCalc*, the spreadsheet. DataSweet offers schools the opportunity to develop students data handling skills at different levels, making it an ideal solution.

DataPlot See the graph updated immediately in real time.

Displays data as Bar charts, Pie Charts, Line graphs and Scattergrams. Colours are used as labels and will colour the graph appropriately.

          Up to four data sets can be displayed on a single graph

          Calculates line of best fit and coefficient of correlation

DataPlot is also used to display the graphs produced by the databases and graphs can be exported as a picture file.

DataFind is a geeat introduction to databases.  You can choose to display the records as individual record cards or in a table view.

Fields can be easily edited and new databases created.

          Multi-user database*

          Easy to create and layout database forms

          Wide variety of field types with powerful grouping and counting features. A frequency count is

         maintained on a given field and can be automatically grouped for numerical fields

          Graphs can be created from grouped data

          Create queries and apply filters to the record set and table view

          Export and import CSV data

*PC version only


DataCalc a great spreadsheets. An easy-to-use button bar allows formatting of cells, creating simple formulae, saving and graphing ande easy copying of data.

          Imports and exports CSV data

The spreadsheet also has the ability to group and count data for graphing. Graphs are automatically updated with changes to data

DataSweet Mac OS X - DataLogging for Mac OS X & also available Datalogging module


"DataSweet, for example, is a proper powerful database. In fact, it does all the things you really wish a program like MS Access would do... You can use icons to represent different fields so it can be used by people of different reading abilities. What a good idea."

– Special Children

"Their data handling software remains my firm favourite..."

"DataCalc – an excellent introductory spreadsheet."

– Interactive

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