Requires Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6, versions of Mac OS X.

DataLogging has been found to work with some later versions of Mac OS X,but

please test with your hardware before purchase, and be aware we no longer offer support for this application.

"Innovative, inspirational, forefront of creativity, unique, fantastic, ingenious, a revelation, imaginative, offering students unique opportunities:"

These are just some of the many positive comments made by teachers who have seen this fantastic application.

DataLogging for Mac OS X - is a new addition to the highly acclaimed DataSweet series of applications and moves data logging forward into an exciting new era.

The new data logging module for DataSweet includes features that change the way students are able to analyse data and present their experiments.

Students can now present their experiment as a DV movie incorporating video captured during the experiment, data analysis, animated graphs and sensor readings displayed as analogue/digital meters.

In order to present the experiment they have undertaken in this way, they require a better understanding of the experimental process, hypothesis and conclusion.

     Data logging for Mac OS X is the easy to use.

     Data logging devices, and their sensors, are automatically detected as they are plugged-in

     Use the internal iSight camera in your Mac or connect a suitable DV or USB camera and begin     

     recording video at the click of a switch.          

     It's fun as well!

Welcome to a new era in data logging...

Create movies of your experiments

It's all about time!

Logging data happens over a period of time.

The medium of video also plays along a time line.

It's therefore completely natural that a data logging experiment should be presented as a movie.

DataLogging for Mac OS X creates movies from your captured data with animated graphs and meter readings being displayed exactly as they were when the data was captured.

But that's not all...

You can also capture real time video as you log data from your experiments. This feature means students can present their experiments and findings totally through the medium of digital video.

A Great Modern Application for Mac OS X

DataLogging for Mac OS X is a great looking application that makes full use of the new, modern features that Mac OS X has to offer.

The graphs and meters are drawn using the latest Quartz¨ graphics technology, which means beautifully presented graphics that can be copy and pasted from the clipboard with no loss in quality.

Supported devices

DataLogging for Mac OS X currently supports the Data Harvest range of data loggers and some LogIT devices from DCP Microdevelopments.

DataLogging for Mac OS X presents a list of files stored in the data logger with information about each data file along with the time and date when the data was captured.

Support for other manufacturers devices may be added in the future.

Use the inbuilt iSight in your

Mac to capture video

Requires Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6, later versions of Mac OS X, please test with your hardware before purchase.