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Age Range: All Ages

FreeText, as its name suggests, is an easy-to-use word processor with features designed for education. A trial version is available for download from our web site.

Many of our users asked us if we would produce an easy-to-use word processor that had a similar look and feel to the rest of our products, the result is FreeText.


FreeText Pen

FreeText allows you to create Rich Text documents, where you can change; the font, font size, colour, style, add bullet points and have a fully editable ruler. Graphic files can also be imported.

But more importantly, FreeText also has the following features:

  • Spell checker
  • Large and friendly tool bar
  • A word bank, in which you can create your own word lists, including whole sentences
  • Multi-document interface
  • Configurable options.


"It is a very good example of a simple word processor... it is possible to configure the screen appearance to suit all young users."

– Interactive

"For an easy-to-use word processor that won’t confuse children, or force them to become interface experts before the age of seven, FreeText has what it takes."

– Jonny Evans - Macworld

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