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    Scene 4

Stop Motion


“Of the all the creative software I've ever used with young people (and not so young people!) it’s been the most universally engaging and inclusive.”

James Reader - Animator & Film Maker

System Requirements for Current version:

I CAn Animate

Easily create stunning animations with I Can Animate. Features Include:

  • ● Available for Mac and Windows (iOS & Android also available)
  • ● Use an HD web cam for best results
  • ● Onion skinning - over single and multiple frames.
  • ● Autosave, never lose your work again.
  • ● Play back, review and edit your animation at any time
  • ● Undo and redo support
  • ● Add audio tracks
  • ● Amazing chromkey allows both pictures and movies to be used
  • ● Use the inbuilt timelapse feature
  • ● Also add titles, drawings import pictures, rig removal and much more...