Pictogram is a Universal Binary
PC - Windows
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Pictogram 3 has some great new features
Windows XP, through to Windows 10.

MSI installers are available for Pictogram 3

Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.11. This will no longer install on Mac OS X 10.12.

Pictogram on a PC
Enlarge: Pictogram running on Windows

Pictogram 3

This award winning PC & Mac application features a superb range of new graphics and features, making it a firm favourite with teachers and children alike.

Offering an extensive library of user-friendly pictures such as pets, weather and transport, gives this classroom tool a fresh and modern look.

This software offers a progression through different graph types, with support for scale. This concept is extended through to block charts and bar charts. Pictogram can also produce pie charts.


Pictogram on a Macintosh
Enlarge: Pictogram running on Mac OS X

  • The main Pictogram window maximises to fill the screen regardless of screen size and dynamically resizes the graph without compromising the quality of the pictures
  • When choosing a picture set the dialogue box displays the pictures that are contained in each set, so children do not need to be able to read the name of the picture set they wish to use
  • Configurable tool bar with easy access to file saving and printing, plus other configurable options too
  • New picture sets can be easily added to Pictogram’s picture library allowing the teacher to create their own picture sets
  • Pictogram recognises when colours are used as labels and will colour the graph appropriately


Key Stages: 1, 2 & Early Years

Supports the following QCA schemes of work:

1E Representing information graphically: pictograms,
Program of study reference KS1 2a, 3a, 3b

Scottish Pre 5 and Levels A – C

Pictogram is ideal for meeting the skill requirements of units 1E and 2E of the QCA document for Key Stage 1 and is also useful in Foundation, Early Years, units Pre 5 and 5 – 14 level A in the Scottish National Curriculum.


Pictogram won the prestigious Education Resources Award in the category ICT Primary beating off tough competition, from over two hundred entrants in our category.

"The judges were very impressed with this product. They saw it as a simple and very effective piece of software, which is time-saving for teachers and easy and intuitive to use for the target age group. It would prove equally effective on an interactive whiteboard as it would on a stand-alone classroom computer. The Education Resources Awards are all about products being suitable for real educational purpose and the Kudlian Soft software matched these criteria exactly."

– Ray Barker, Director of BESA and chair of the judging panel

ERA Winner


"Pictogram introduces graphs in a simple and easy to understand way."

– Interactive

"For this latest version of Pictogram we decided on a no-compromise specification to what was required for teaching graphing and data handling in the primary classroom. We are really pleased with the result, and we have already had a lot of feedback from teachers who have said that this is the best piece of educational software they have ever seen!"

– Gary Atkinson, Technical Director at Kudlian Soft

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