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Product: I Can Animate & Animate It! Version: 2.0.7 Platform: iOS 10

The newly released update for I Can Animate/Animate It! Version 2.0.7. suggests that the app isn't compatible with the operating system when using the traditional route to update i.e, using the AppStore. This is not correct and we are working to issue an update to overcome this issue. The work around is to browse to purchases, search the app using the small "search my apps" at the top right of the tablet, with I Can Animate and find the purchased item. Then use the Update option from purchasing.

I can’t seem to register my software or my serial number doesn’t work!

"There are a couple of reasons why this can happen;

First of all on both Windows and Mac computers, you must be installing and registering the software with full admin access rights to your computer.

Make sure you have actually downloaded the correct version of I Can Animate. Your serial number will only work with the version downloaded from the website address supplied to you.

You typed the serial number in incorrectly, try again. The number does not contain the letter 'o' these are zeros and be careful not to confuse number eights with the letter 'B'.