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(Q) Mac OS X: Terry 2.1.0. We have installed Terry to a single machine on our network and then registered it. We then copied it to all other machines on the network but now each computer is asking for the serial number again!

We have been made aware that there was a major change in way that software should be registered for Mac OS X 10.4 (and possibly 10.3). Unfortunatly this means that if you are using Mac OS X, post 10.2, in a network environment, Terry may report that it is not registered.

On Mac OS X 10.3 or above, the Terry the Turtle application requires the registration file to be in each users ~/Library/preferences folder.

We will make appropriate changes to Terry the Turtle 2 during its next development cycle, but in the meantime, it means the registration files have to be copied to each users ~/Library/preferences folder. This can be quickly achieved with an application such as FileBlaster.

You will need to:

Install and register a copy of Terry teh Turtle 2 on one of the machines whilst logged on as the administrator.

Use the serial number provided with the software to register it.

Navigate to the admin users ~/Library/Preferences folder.

Scroll down the list of files looking for files that start 'com.kudlian'




There might only be two, but this doesn't matter

These files will need to be added to each users preferences folder. You can use FileBlaster for this.

You will also need to use Remote Desktop to copy these files to all of your networked computers. (Copy to same location)

In OS X 10.4 server it is also possible to put these files into any new user created on the system by default. You should consult your network technical support/administrator to facilitate this.

Download FileBlaster

Discalimer: FileBlaster is a third party application and you should ensure that you are familiar with its use. Kudlian Soft will not be held responsible for any problems you encounter resulting in the use of this application, nor can we supply support for FileBlaster.