Easy Word Processing for Windows PC.

FreeText, is an easy-to-use word processor with features designed for education.


FreeText allows you to create Rich Text documents, change; the font & size, colour, style, add bullet points and have a fully editable ruler. Graphic files can also be imported.

      in spell checker

     Large and friendly tool bar

     A word bank, in which you can create your own word lists, including whole sentences

     Multi-document interface

     Configurable options.

FreeText also has a Styles button that opens a Style drawer, similar to that found in Apple's Pages application. Changing the style of a paragraph is a matter of placing the caret in the text and selecting a new style from the draw. The default set of Styles can be easily modified and new ones added.

The menu bar provides additional access to some of the less commonly used features, bullet points, lists, underlining, page breaks and different ways to insert the date.

A very neat Word Bank feature is also included. It also appears smoothly as a drawer. The Word Bank library is currently populated by a series of lists: First 100, 300, and 10000 words; dinosaurs; and a number of useful sets of foreign language words in French, German and Spanish. Teachers and users can easily extend and create their own word lists. The lists can also contain useful phrases and whole sentences.

Spell checks are taken care of through the systems spell checker

At the foot of the document window are two additional features, that allow the children to obtain a word count and to scale the view of their documents.

Mac OS X (up to 10.14 only)

The Mac version has all of the above plus, a button labelled Media that links directly to the users iLife applications. This can also be configured to look in other folders where pictures are stored. Once you have found your picture, just drag and drop it into the text. Images can then be resized to fit the page.


"It is a very good example of a simple word processor... it is possible to configure the screen appearance to suit all young users." – Interactive

"For an easy-to-use word processor that won’t confuse children, or force them to become interface experts before the age of seven, FreeText has what it takes." – Jonny Evans - Macworld

Easy Word Processing for Mac OS X Awarded**** - Macworld

Download For macOS 10

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