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(Q) Windows: Terry 2.1.0. Error number: 0x80040707 generated during installation.

We have had only one person report this error but it seems to be generated from within Windows and can occur when installing any piece of software. The difficult part of it is sorting out what has caused it, as it is not one we have been notified of before on any of our products, including Terry. This might suggest it is either a physical error with the CD media or there is a problem with something on your computer that is interfering with the install.

In the first instance you should ensure that you have got the very latest updates for your computers operating system and that these have been installed.

It is a good idea to remove Terry using the Add Remove programs option from Control Panel in Windows.

          Once the computer operating system is up to date, ensure QuickTime is installed.

          Visually check the Terry CD. Are there any serious scratches on the CD?

If in doubt might we suggest that you download the application from our web site and install in that way. The download is the same version as the CD and activates simply by entering the serial number when requested.

You could also ty to install to another computer if you have one available. If this works from the CD, then it would point to something being different with the 'problem machine'.

Our field technicians have reported encountering this error when installing software from other publishers.