Easy to Use Data Handling software for schools

Spreadsheet, Database and Graphing (6-14 yrs)


               Developed to meet the demanding needs of education.

               Powerful, yet clear and easy to use application

               Graph drawing application, DataPlot,

               Powerful database, DataFind and DataCalc


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"DataSweet, for example, is a proper powerful database. In fact, it does all the things you really wish a program like MS Access would do... You can use icons to represent different fields so it can be used by people of different reading abilities. What a good idea."

"Their data handling software remains my firm favourite..."

"DataCalc – an excellent introductory spreadsheet."

Develop data handling skills at different levels


     Bar charts, Pie Charts, Line graphs and Scattergrams.

     Colour labels will colour the graph appropriately.

     Up to four data sets can be displayed

     Line of best fit, coefficient of correlation

     Graph updated immediately in real time.

DataFind - Database

     Display records cards or in a table.

     Multi-user database*

     Wide variety of field types     

     Grouping and counting features.

     Create queries and filters

     Export and import CSV data

                         *PC version only


     Spreadsheet with easy-to-use button bar

     Imports and exports CSV data