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If you need better sound quality for your presentations, we would recommend a condenser microphone. There are a number on the market and prices vary a lot so shop around.

We use a Samson USB Condenser microphone on both PC and Mac and these can be purchased online the internet or through educational supplier or your local music suppliers.

Alternatively you could opt for a radio mic. These allow a lot more flexibility for your presenters. There are various types, ranging from a hend held unit to headsets and earpieces. The receiver unit can plug directly into your computer.

Lighting Softbox & Stand

A self contained studio kit suitable for use with I Can Present.  Easily stored and transported in one carrying case is available through us. We can also supply fully digital LED Units


A softbox is most popular for its soft, even light. It is an effective, lightweight tool for reducing light intensity without sacrificing softness.

Fluorescent Bulb:

The fluorescent lamp is used to take photographs of products which provides 5000°K daylight and balanced to give perfect colour temperature. They are cold to touch and also safe to use.

Light Stand:

Light stand is an ideal kit to support your Light box. In order to get a better place to mount your cameras or lights, the best choice is the light stands.

Light Kit:

Soft box           : 50 cm x 70 cm

Fluorescent Bulb: 85 watts

Light Stands:

Stand Height: 2560 mm

Stand Width : 980 mm

Thickness    : 29 mm

Weight        : 6 kg