8yrs and above

ReTreeval - an amazing application that allows you to organise, reorganise and analyse data quickly and easily using a 'decision tree'.

Easily create and use branching databases and decision trees.

ReTreeval can be used as a binary tree but it is far more powerful and flexible than that.

ReTreeval not only supports questions that require a Yes or a No answer, but it can also be used to ask for example, “What colour is it?” or "what colour eyes?", allowing for multiple answers and decisions to be made.   

 Data can be entered quickly, and answers can be entered from the keyboard or selected from a list.

No two items can have exactly the same characteristics. If this happens ReTreeval will ask for a new characteristic to differentiate between the two.

What Makes ReTreeval Unique?

ReTreeval uses natural language to ask the questions when inputting data, for example, 'How many legs does the invertebarte have?'

You are not limkted to simply asking qutions that require either a 'Yes' or 'No' answer.

ReTReeval creates a 'Tree diagram' in real time

One of ReTReevals powerful features is the ability to modify the whole structure of the tree diagram and data relationships, just by pointing and dragging on the tree.

You can easily organise reorganise and analyse data and test hypothesis.

When 'Teaching' and 'Testing' the database, ReTreeval displays the decisions made by highlighting the decsion path in the tree diagram.

Data items can have a pictures linked with them.

Produce graphs quickly and easily from the data as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and scattergrams.

.Export data as CSV, ASCII or Tab separated text.

.Properties have dependancy meaning that ReTreeval will only ask the question "How many legs has it?" if the answer to a previous question, for example,  "Does it have legs?" is Yes.

Print reports from the database in a variety of formats.

Please note: ReTreeval was originally designed for Windows 95, 98 and ME but will work on later versions of Windows either natively or under emuation. But,  compatibility with later versions of Windows is neither gauranteed guaranteed nor supported.

On Mac OS X ReTReeval has not been tested on operating systems later than OS X 10.4 and should be replaced with Ask Oscar.