About Us

Kudlian Software are one of the UK's most respected, longest-established, award-winning and independent publishers of software for use in both education and the home markets. Our products are sold worldwide and with a dedicated team of staff, Kudlian are able to offer pre and after sales services that are second to none.

Founded in 1990, Kudlian have led the market in developing award winning innovative applications for the education sector for Mac, Windows iOS (Apple iPad, iPod), and Android. Almost 95% of the work we originally undertook was focused within the 5-14 education sector.

Owner and Managing Director Roger Young said

     "Our software is designed to allow children and adults of all ages and skill levels, to be creative whilst learning important skills. They are not distracted by inappropriate or complicated interfaces, but still allows them to have access to powerful application features in order to create high quality results."

We have a strong brelief that creativity is key to learning and our current focus is fully on creativity, with easily accesible applications for STOP MOTION ANIMATION and creating voideo presentations using green screen video.

STOP MOTION ANIMATION; I Can Animate was first published in 2004 and quickly established itself as the 'must have' application for animation in schools and the home. Originally only released on macOS, its potential was quickly seen by Apple Education in the UK and Europe, it joined a number of other key education titles available for Mac OS 10, which at the time was poorly supported with education titles.

We worked closely with Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Morph. They teamed up with us to release a version of I Can Animate, Animate It!, on all platforms.

Althogh extreemely succesful, Aardman have since decided to focus on other revenue streams, but we thank them for their input during the time we worked together.

GREEN SCREENING USING I CAN PRESENT is one of the easiest ways to produce green screen video presentations with just a webcam and green screen.

A built in teleprompter allows scripts and prompts to be available during filming.  Not only an excellent tool for modern foreign languages, but for any curriculum area, or trianing video irrespective of age. If you want to create a really great video presentation then I Can Present is the obvious choice. We've made sure we include the original weather studio features in it as well.

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