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Installing Version 2 beta to a Mac

Version 1 for OS X 10.9,10,11,12

We apologise for this inconvenience, we are working towards making an installer available as soon as possible. We are also aware of in issue with the 'Pictur in Picture' options on later versions of OS X. We will supply a version 1 licence code free of charge to anyone who has purchased I Can Present for Mac and would like to run version 1 for the time being.

     1.      Download Version 1 to your computer and install

     2.      Download the Version 2 Application

     3.     Drag and Drop the I Can Present version 2 application to your Applications folder.

     4.     You will need Admin access rights to undertake this and may need to allow the App to run using the Security & Privacy panel in System Applications.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and hope to have this rectified in due course.