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The current version of Terry is 2.2.0 - always ensure you are using the latest version.

(Q) Where does Terry 2 keep the registration details on Windows 10?

Terry 2 is an older piece of software and so keeps its registration details in the registry of you computer C:\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE.........\Terry2

We suggest that you register on one computer by using the run as administrator option to launch Terry 2, and then register. Run regedit and search for the licence key number to check this on your computer.

(Q) Terry was/is working on other computers but I am now getting an error message when trying to open Terry the Turtle - Insufficient resources TT2.2.2.0 Out Of Memory.

There is no reason why it should not work on all Windows operating systems up to and including Windows 10.

You should make sure that you download the current version from our website and follow the instructions, which are duplicated below. You should be logged onto your computer with full administrator access rights. QuickTime should be preinstalled to your computer.

Download the install files...

(These will download as a zip file.)

You will need to decompress the zip file.

Open the Terry Folder

Locate the Terry2 application (234KB)

Right Click the Terry2 application and choose Run as administrator, from the context menu that appears.

Follow the onscreen prompts.

(Q) I have just upgraded to the latest version of Terry and now files created with previous versions will not load.

We have changed the file extension for files created with Terry 2.2.0. We were notified by customers that another software title was using our file extension and this was causing problems for Terry 2 users, files would not open or would try to open in other applications. More...

(Q) Windows XP: Thin Client Networks

You should refrain from using a full stop in path names, such as the path to the users's profile as the current version of Terry 2 does not recognise this character.

(Q) Windows XP: Terry 2.1.0. Error number: 0x80040707 generated during installation

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(Q) Mac OS X: Terry 2.1.0. We have installed Terry to a single machine on our network and then registered it. We then copied it to all other machines on the network but now each computer is asking for the serial number again!

We have been made aware that there was a major change in way that software should be registered for Mac OS X 10.4 (and possibly 10.3). Unfortunately this means that if you are using Mac OS X, post 10.2, in a network environment Terry may report that it is not registered.

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(Q) Mac OS X: Terry 2.1.0. Startup / Initialise Error

Manually set the permissions on both the Terry 2 application folder and all of its subfolders to, at minimum, read access for all users.

To test you have applied this fix correctly log on as a user previously having difficulty with Terry 2 and attempt to view every one of the Terry 2 sub-folders.

(Q) Windows: Quicktime 5+ is not installed properly

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(Q) Terry 2 files - won't load, or load into other applications.

This occurs when two applications use the same file extension. Terry the Turtles file extension, .T2T was first used by us in 1999.

Software publishers can use any file extension they like for their file types, there is no official classification system or governing body overseeing file type allocation.

It appears that since we first released Terry the Turtle and then Terry the Turtle 2, a number of other applications now use the .T2T file extension.

Please download the latest version of Terry 2.2.0.

We have updated Terry 2's file extension to KST2T More...

(Q) Windows: Terry 2.1.0.Background.Make error

          1 Full stop character in TEMP. or TMP.

Please make sure you are running the latest version, this has been fixed.

(Q) Windows: Terry 2.0.1 reports a shortage of memory when starting

Commonly this message occurs when QuickTime is not correctly installed on your machine.

The Terry 2 CD has a QuickTime installer included and normally should be run by the Terry 2 installer. If this did not happen start the QuickTime installer directly from the Terry 2 CD.

Always ensure you perform a 'Typical' or 'Full' install of QuickTime, not 'Minimum'.

(Q) Windows: I have the original Terry and experience difficulties

Users of Terry version 1.0 should contact us for details on a reduced price upgrade to the latest Terry 2.

Versions released before Terry 2 are no longer supported.